On-line tests for research

Here are some vocabulary tests and checks created to support ongoing research into the acquisition of English by L2 speakers (in particular Japanese speakers of English).

The tests and checks are designed to gauge what words or phrases the L2 speakers know at the start of the research. They are meant to be completed without reference to any resources (such as a dictionary or web search).

Phrases Check The Phrases Check was used to help identify a set of multi-word expressions that are quite commonly used in English by native speakers, but are not well known by (intermediate level) learners of English.
Vocabulary Levels Test The Vocabulary levels Test is based on the idea of counting the frequency of each word in English and then grouping the words into sets of 1000 based on their frequency ranking. The most frequent words are generally the most useful to learn. This test estimates your vocabulary knowledge of the 2000, 3000, 5000 and 10,000 word level sets, and of Academic vocabulary.
Yes-No Vocabulary Test The Yes-No Vocabulary test is similar to the Vocabulary Levels test but simpler. The test taker sees a list of different words and then simply has to say whether they know the meaning of the word or not.